My name is Alexandra Horneij (but you can call me Alex) and I am 26 years old. As a person, I am creative, structured and ambitious. On my spare time you will most likely find me gaming, baking (cake master) or with my nose buried in a book. I am a Hyper Island alumni and currently I am studying the Project Management within Publishing program at Malmö University. 

As a project manager I keep things together so that you can go crazy creative without worrying about a thing. Planning and providing structure, being that solid rock that keeps you from drowning in a sea of things to do, that is my greatest skills as a project manager. As a creative, I do what creatives do, finding innovative ways to do it- I create!

During my time at Hyper Island I often took on the role of project manager. We worked with real briefs from real clients. I got the opportunity to lead media oriented projects and to develop my planning skills. Later I worked as a team leader at CGI, Malmö. My experience from Hyper Island were of great help as I could use some of the tools that I had been taught. How to plan a project, knowing who should do what and what that person needs from me to do his/her job as good as possible.


“Alex in the leadership role,

I had the privilege of being a process developer
in Alexandra’s development during her time on
the Mobile Creative program at Hyper Island in Karlskrona.

Alexandra’s development, both as a person
and project manager, led to the fact that in the projects
that were put on the groups, she most often embraced
the project leader role. The reason is primarily her unruly
attitude to express the group’s and her own needs
combined with a high dose of respect towards
other stakeholders. Both clients and co-workers.
Meanwhile, at Hyper Island, she learned how to handle
the majority of necessary project management tools
in order to create highly efficient teams.

Alexandra is a natural leader.”

Tony Hallén

CEO, Reverentia Management AB



“I worked with Alex and her group when they were
going through the Mobile Module at Hyper Island.
Unilever had sent in a brief to them to do a
mobile App for one of our Foods brands.


The work these guys did was truly creative and engaging.
They showed every sign of being great mobile
experience designers, alongside demonstrating good skills
for strategy and marketing. Creative, thorough, and to the brief
are some of the words that describe Alex and her group’s work.


I would strongly recommend Alex to anyone who may
be looking for people with above set of qualities.”


Asad Ur Rehman
Director Media, Unilever